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Możliwość publikacji dla IPPA

opublikowane: 17 lis 2017, 09:48 przez ptpp poz
Three of IPPA's Divisions (Work & Organizations, Positive Health & Wellness, and Positive Clinical Psychology) have open Calls for Submissions for their respective publications. These are excellent opportunities for researchers and practitioners to share there work with the positive psychology community. All are welcome to submit--it is not necessary to be an IPPA member. 
We believe these opportunities may be of interest to members of your positive psychology association. Please consider sharing the information in the attached document with your membership and any other colleagues. Note that the deadline to be included in the upcoming publication issues for all Divisions is December 15, 2017. (They will also accept submissions on a rolling basis after this date for subsequent issues.)
Details about these opportunities can be found in the attached document and on the IPPA website: